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The Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow, was established in 1992 on the initiative of renowned Russian economists and leading reformers in the Russian Government with the aim of promoting economic and social reform in Russia by educating a new generation of researchers and practitioners, producing and disseminating modern economic knowledge among Russian business and government and giving rise to new ideas for economic and social reforms and the formation of new corporate strategies.

In October 2009 the Higher School of Economics received the status of a National Research University and is arguably now the leading centre in Russia for teaching and research in the social sciences (and humanities). Indeed, HSE is the leading academic institution in Russia in the fields of economics, management, sociology, business information technology, public policy, media communications, public administration, law, political science and international relations. More about the HSE.

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The HSE has

  • more than130 partnerships  with international universities and research organizations
  • More than 30 student exchange programs
  • 30 double degree programs with 23 leading foreign universities

Admissions for International Students

The Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs was created at the HSE in 2006 through the restructuring of the HSE Faculty of World Economy, founded in 2002. It is led by one of the world-famous experts in international relations professor Sergey Karaganov.

A key feature of education at the Faculty is the matrix approach. This involves specialization in the economy and politics of specific countries and regions as well as the study of specific issues and factors. In addition to this, students study popular foreign languages as well as those languages rarely taught at university. The faculty has attracted a group of researchers and practitioners in International Relations, European, Eurasian and Asian Studies, World Economy and International Finance becoming the center of excellence in the mentioned fields of study. More about the Faculty.

The International Masters in Economy, State and Society (IMESS)
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