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China and ASEAN as Regional Economic and Political Actors

Instructor:Evgeny Kanaev
Syllabus: China and ASEAN as Regional Economic and Political Actors

Course description:

The course is designed to develop an advanced understanding of current and emerging trends of East Asia’s economic, political and security architecture through an extensive and interactive training. The curriculum includes an in-depth consideration of China’s and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) regional priorities and policies. The ultimate purpose of the course is to encourage students to grasp the complex interactions of policy, economy and security in East Asia with an emphasis on the role played by China and ASEAN in shaping the regional landscape.

The course supports critical thinking about the topics presented below through intensive lectures and interactive discussions. More importantly, it aims to enable students to think conceptually about East Asia as an integrated geopolitical and geoeconomic entity and to critically analyze trends, issues and challenges that cut across the dynamics of its development.

The Reading List given below each section is comprised of selected monographs, journal articles and on-line publications aimed to provide students with an in-depth, comprehensive and intellectually-provoking analysis of topics under consideration. With a course of time, the list is intended to be supplemented with more papers in specific subfields.

The course runs in 3-4 modules. It is taught by Prof. Evgeny Kanaev, who writes extensively on current political and economic processes in individual East Asian countries, security challenges, economic and security regionalism in East Asia and Asia-Pacific. In 2012, Prof. Kanaev was engaged in developing “Strategy of Trade and Investment Cooperation for Russia - ASEAN Dialogue Partnership”, commissioned at the request of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.


There are not specific requirements for this course but basic competences in law and international relations.

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