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Global Governance: Theory and Practice

Instructor:D. Suslov
Syllabus: Global Governance: Theory and Practice

Course description:

Aims of the course are: to analyze the major impact of globalization on International Affairs and International Security; to review, study and analyze the major theories and concepts of global governance, developed after the end of the Cold war, and explore then through the prism of the International Affairs Theory; to analyze the mechanics of Global Governance, its major patterns, functions and structures; to study global governance of major aspects of international security (counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation); to explore the role of international institutions in Global Governance and analyze the problem of the UN reform as a problem of Global Governance; to study the roles and approaches of the US and Russia to Global Governance.


The course has no specific obligatory prerequisites. Still, basic knowledge of International Relations theory, as well as of contemporary International Affairs and Globalization would be preferable and welcome.

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