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EU-Russian Energy Relations

Instructor:Tatyana Romanova
Syllabus: EU-Russian Energy Relations

Course description:

The course takes stock of the following issues: benefits and drawbacks of liberalization and state interference in energy; the security of supply and demand; cooperation in energy efficiency and the development of renewable sources of energy. All these aspects are examined both in general and in the context of the EU's and Russian energy policies as well as their relations in this field. The course also reviews patterns of interaction of various EU and Russian public and private actors. EU-Russian energy relations are analyzed and explored in both bilateral and multilateral contexts. The course facilitates the development of necessary skills to analyze the dynamics of EU-Russian relations, and to construct prognoses of their future developments. It consists of lectures, discussions, and a role play simulation, i.e. relies to a considerable degree on active methods of learning.


Students should be familiar with basics categories of political science and economic theory. The knowledge of the EU, its policies and institutions, is big plus (therefore, taking the course EU Politics, Law and Institutions is strongly recommended to those, who do not specialize in European studies.

Courses » Graduate » Fall | Previous page
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