Civil Wars: Onset, Dynamics and Termination

Instructor:Carter Johnson
Syllabus: Civil Wars: Onset, Dynamics and Termination

Course description:

There are three main goals of this course. First, the class will provide a survey of the recent literature on the concept of civil war as well as the origins, dynamics, end, and post-war transitions of this phenomenon. Second, each student will adopt one civil war and explore it in depth, both learning the details of their specific war, and learning how to apply the analytical framework and theory you learn in this course to a particular civil war of your choosing. Students will also learn broadly about other civil wars in the post-WWII period through readings in the syllabus. The course will draw attention to civil wars in the post-Soviet region. Third, students will learn critical thinking and writing skills, which will be developed through the on-line discussions and weekly assignments.