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Center-Periphery Relations in Russia

Instructor:Irina Busygina

Course description:

This course examines center-periphery relations in the Russian Federation in a broader perspective. The first part of the course surveys some important aspects of political, economic and cultural geography of contemporary Russia. During the course particular attention will be paid to the meanings and character of Russia’s borders. We will consider how, to what extent and through what kind of mechanisms issues such as abundance and location of energy resources, climate, size of the country’s territory and interregional interactions influence the building and functioning in institutions in Russia.

The second part of the course will focus on such issues as approaches to centrality (Russian case), centralization/decentralization debates and practices, territorial structure of Russia and its dynamics, interregional disparities, ethnic regions, spatial aspects of urbanization, development of federalism in Russia.

The students will have several opportunities to reflect on material that we will cover in this class taking part in debates and discussions.


Courses » Graduate » Fall | Previous page
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