International Law

Instructor:Natividad Fernández

Course description:

As other areas in legal order, Ius Gentium is sometimes ignored by some States, but even though they try to justify their illegal activities or positions under International Law rules.

This course will deal with sources of International Law, especially the law of the treaties, the subjects of this legal order and the main multilateral rules governing their relationships. International responsibility, as a consequence of the International Law violation will be the object of our study as well as means to solve international disputes and controversies. A special reference will be made to the use of force in international relations.

The course will cover material areas such as the Law of the Sea, Humanitarian Law or International Human Rights where we will analyze the main rules and principles.

The course will be useful to anyone considering international career, diplomacy, Foreign Service or just working in business with international relationships.


There are not specific requirements for this course but basic competences in law and international relations.