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Russian Integration into the System of Global Governance

Instructor:Vladimir Zuev,
Elena Ostrovskaya
Syllabus: Russian Integration into the System of Global Governance

Course description:

- Aims: To present the most acute issues of the Russia interaction with major global institutions and regional organizations.

- Course as a part of the study programme, brief analysis of the course in comparison to Russian and foreign academic experience: Most of the courses in Russia and abroad are dedicated to theories of global governance. This course is covering not only theories, but concrete and most recent practical issues of Russian interaction with the above mentioned actors.

- Assessment/s – formative, summative: Attendance in the classes and participation in discussion sessions are required. Final grade is calculated from intermediate grades for:

·Lecture attendance - 0.3;

·Participation in the discussions and responses in the class - 0,3;

·Power point presentation on the chosen topic - 0,4;


Basic knowledge of International Economics, as well as the knowledge of Basics of international relations is a prerequisite. 2 years of Bachelor studies on related issues will meet the requirements.

Courses » Undergraduate » Fall-Spring | Previous page
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