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Challenges to EU – Russia Economic Links

Instructor:Vladimir Zuev,
Elena Ostrovskaya
ECTS:3,5 ects

Course description:

- Aims : The course presents major challenges to the EU – Russia links.

- Course as a part of the study program, brief analysis of the course in comparison to Russian and foreign academic experience : The course presents and outlook of the EU – Russia economic links, outlines the existing challenges and draws an eventual perspective in relations.

- Assessment/s – formative, summative: Class attendance and participation in discussion sessions are required. Final grade is calculated from intermediate grades for:

·Class attendance - 0.3;

·Participation in discussions and responses in the class - 0,3;

·Power point presentation on the chosen topic - 0,4;


Basic knowledge of the European Integration (namely the EU policies) and International Economics is a prerequisite. 2-3 years of Bachelor studies on related issues will meet the requirements.

Courses » Undergraduate » Fall-Spring | Previous page
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