Comparative Analysis of the Regional Integration

Instructor:Elena Ostrovskaya
Syllabus: Comparative Analysis of the Regional Integration

Course description:

- Aims : To specify particularities of the regional integration on different continents (Asia, America, Africa, Eurasia) by comparative analysis with the EU integration model as a reference point.

- Course as a part of the study programme, brief analysis of the course in comparison to Russian and foreign academic experience : This course has a vast innovative theoretical component, based on comparative analysis of nearly all existing different models of regional integration.

- Intended Learning Outcomes :

1.Possess the knowledge of major theories of integration

2.To master the methodology of regional integration comparative analysis

3.To get the practical ability to work for /or work with the regional institution

- Assessment/s – formative, summative: Attendance in the classes and participation in discussion sessions are required. Final grade is calculated from intermediate grades for:

·Lecture attendance - 0.3;

·Participation in the discussions and responses in the class - 0,3;

·Power point presentation on the chosen topic - 0,4;


Basic knowledge of International Economics, as well as the knowledge of Basics of international relations is a prerequisite. 2 years of Bachelor studies on related issues will meet the requirements.