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EU-Russian Relations

Instructor:Kirill Entin, Dmitry Suslov
ECTS:4,5 ects
Syllabus: EU-Russian Relations

Course description:

This course is designed to offer an in-depth study of the EU-Russia relationship. It will look at the history of that relationship and analyse its legal and analytical framework. The course is designed to cover EU-Russia relations under multiple angles (such as the role of values and interests, the influence of the relations between Russia and individual member-states) and in a number of spheres and dimensions (global politics, the relations on the post-soviet space, security, energy, transport). It will also address the current development of the relationship and key issues and problems, such as the negotiations of a new strategic partnership treaty, the prospects of the non-visa regime and the partnership for modernisation project.

Finally the course will examine the specificity of the European Union as an international actor, including the limits of its external competence, and its reliance on “soft” or “normative power”.

The purpose will be to better understand the nature of the relationship, reflect on the notion of “strategic partnership”, and consider the perspectives and possible scenarios of its development. By the end of the course students are expected to have a firm grasp of the current state of EU-Russia relations, and of its future possibilities.


Courses » Graduate » Fall | Previous page
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