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Russia in Asia-Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities

Instructor:Evgeny Kanaev
Syllabus: Russia in Asia-Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities

Course description:

The course aims to initiate an in-depth and comprehensive discussion on Russia’s policy in Asia-Pacific: its key priorities, trends and interim results along with issues and challenges it is currently encountering. The programme approaches the subject from an innovative perspective in order to encourage students’ conceptual thinking by means of an extensive and interactive training.

The course starts with analyzing Russia’s quest for a greater role in Asia-Pacific against the backdrop of prevailing global trends. Then it moves on to examine the trans-Pacific and Asia-Pacific vectors of Russia’s regional multilateral diplomacy. Issues under consideration also embrace Russia’s stance on the key regional security challenges and Russia’s economic and political relations with main regional actors – China, Japan, North and South Korea and ASEAN. The course concludes with offering the innovative project “Siberia” as a new conceptual framework for Russia’s Asia-Pacific strategy and assesses the most likely results the project – if implemented – will produce.


Courses » Graduate » Spring | Previous page
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